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Lovely and British

Lovely and British is a family run store, owned and run, by the Scottish born brother and sister partnership of John and Lorna Oliver.
Our store is located in the historical and unique Bermondsey St, with its wonderful collection of independent restaurants, coffee shops, museums and shops. You won’t find any brand name stores on our street.

We pride ourselves on our village like community in the heart of the city, right next to the Thames and a stone’s throw from the historic Tower Bridge and the pioneering Shard building

Lovely and British blends a large range of gift products and cards from independent artisans and entrepreneurs, all of which celebrate the uniqueness of British culture. Sometimes quirky, sometimes classy, mostly unique and sometimes irreverent and fun. But all with a story to tell.

We pride ourselves in knowing and telling the story behind all our products, artisans and entrepreneurs who have their products displayed in our shop. And make huge efforts to try to ensure you will find something a little bit different to buy as a gift or for your own pleasure.

But we should be clear, we celebrate all that is British, but not to the exclusion of our important place in the rest of the world. We are just as proud of our International artisans who come to the United Kingdom to live as we are of our British artisans who collaborate with International companies to produce their designs.

We are proud of our Britishness, proud of our love for our store and proud of our family of ever growing and ever loyal suppliers and customers.

Lovely and British

A perfect blend of creativity, energy, communication, happiness and love. Let us arrange a gift for you.

John Oliver
Lorna Oliver