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The Chime frame is made from the extension of the staves beyond the head of the cask. On the back of the Chime frame, we have left the Croze, which is then cut out that the heads of the cask fit into.


All our frames are handmade in Scotland from reclaimed oak whisky casks and detailed with genuine Harris Tweed or a family tartan of your choice.


This large single photo frame makes a wonderful rustic yet refined gift or addition to your home. It holds a 4×6 inch picture in a freestanding portrait format.


Although each frame is slightly different they are near 24cm x 25cm in outer dimensions. The frame is front-loaded and held tight with Perspex secured by simple copper screws for easy picture changes.


As the frame is made from reclaimed weathered oak whisky casks, textures and overall dimensions will vary slightly. This will make your frame a “one of a kind”.


Handmade in Edinburgh, Scotland, every frame is hand-numbered – enter this number into our frame origin archive and it will tell you from which distillery or cooperage the barrel used to make your frame came from.

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Testimonial form husband and wife Kristen and ross from their workshop just outside Edinburgh in Scotland –

We have always been entrepreneurial-minded looking for ways to make things creatively.

Whilst was on maternity leave with our first child in 2014/15 our beloved black lab Tess sadly passed. I was in America when it happened and wanted to buy a special frame for Ross with a photo of Tess to give to him. I wanted a unique rustic style frame preferably personalised. The search was difficult and I struggled to find a perfect frame for our Tess. In the end, I decided on a frame made of reclaimed barn wood. Once back to Scotland I was relaying the story of the search to Ross and together we got thinking of solutions to the problem.

We wanted something Scottish and very unique, so over the course of a few weeks, we came up with many different concepts. However, it wasn’t until we paid a visit to our favourite salvage yard that we fell in love with an old and unloved whisky barrel and knew we wanted to work with Scottish barrels for the frames.

We both wanted the opportunity to be our own boss and have a successful thriving business to call our own, it had been a goal of ours and we knew we could do it. After attending a host of sell-out markets with our frames we had the product verification needed to take the next leap with Whisky Frames.

When I became pregnant with our second child I thought with the upcoming maternity leave it was a “now or never” moment to truly grow Whisky Frames into a successful business so I took my maternity leave to do just that!

Every day we wake up motivated to see our business succeed, we see the future of our family and a life full of things we love. We love to design and solve problems together and daily we strive to make Whisky Frames better. It's simply the best to hear all the stories from our customers on how we helped create a special gift for someone they love. 


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