Motley – The Queen


Her royal highness, queen of the Motleys, with her glorious crown and ceremonial sash she rules over all the Motleys with grace and majesty.

Her majestic dress in white stained solid ash is adorned with her royal blue sash and golden broach. Her crown of white and purple-stained solid ash is adorned with jewels of brass and white stained wood which come from all across the Motley kingdom.

The Motleys are each unique and individual characters, with each wooden part of the entire collection containing magnets that have been carefully embedded into them, each part of the entire collection becomes interchangeable and interactive. These magnetic parts give you the freedom to mix and match any part of any other Motley in the entire collection to create your own.

For every Motley purchased we will plant 5 trees.

Weight 310 g
Dimensions 6.4 × 6.4 × 14.7 cm
Ribbon, Ash, Maple, Brass, Magnets

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The Motleys have been created by a pair of Friends called Diego & David and are based in London. The Motleys are a series of decorative and magnetic wooden figures that celebrate characters from the UK. They are made with sustainable wood and for every one bought 5 trees are planted.


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