Salt and Honey Handscrub


Handmade by us in small batches, this nourishing all-natural handscrub is perfect for people who use their hands…like gardeners and cooks. Himalayan pink salt scrubs away dirt & rough skin. Honey and essential oils help to heal any scratches. Jojoba and Sweet Almond Oil feed the skin without stickiness. It has a deliciously clean smell with a top note of Vetiver and Geranium, perfect for men or women.
150g jars

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Dale Gibson realised that the roof of their Victorian sugar warehouse in Bermondsey street overlooking The Shard would be a perfect place to keep bees in the heart of London. Surrounded by parks and rooftop gardens, Bermondsey Street provides a surprisingly green environment. After completing beekeeper training, he installed the first hives in 2007, beginning a fascinating journey into what has become a passion for bee welfare and raw honey production.


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