Cheeky Nilla – White Milk Alt Choc Starfish


This gift box includes 8 hand-painted white chocolate starfish and small seashells with cinder toffee bits.

Do you miss the beach? Golden sands, crystal clear waters. These lifelike vegan white chocolate starfish collection will leave you questioning whether they’re real. This set includes eight handcrafted and painted vegan white chocolate starfish and eight small seashells. Creamy and delicious. Each vegan white chocolate starfish has been hand-painted and crafted to perfection.

Ingredients –
White Chocolate
Organic Sugar, Cocoa butter, Rice powder, Cocoa mass, Emulsifier: Sunflower lecithin, Vanilla, Agave syrup, Passionfruit.

Cinder Toffee
Organic Sugar, Glucose syrup, Sodium bicarbonate.

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Cheeky Nilla was founded by Michael and Wiktoria, a true marketing Wizz kid and an experienced chocolatier. Their aim is to bring to the world affordable, beautiful and delicious artisan vegan-friendly chocolates, made using fairtrade, organic and UTZ certified sustainably farmed cocoa.


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